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    With our APP Shields, you can make your app hard to crack
    (reverse-engineering), and protect sensitive data of organizations
    and customers.

    Now accurately scan your app for security vulnerabilities.

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  • Easy to apply app shields on online.

    Your pre-built apk file is uploaded to a server and automatically hardened technically, and you can download your secured app finally.

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  • Dedicated set-top box with continuous update and powerful security solution.
    And status report is provided.

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Why app security
is necessary? Mobile banking with smartphone

We now use internet services through more smartphone than PC desktop, and wearable devices and IoT (Internet of Things) new trends have introduced more expanding personal usage via smartphone as an individual apparatus.

As the smartphone becomes a personal device, concerns about the protection of personal information is growing more and more. Before our phones have only phone-number, SMS messages, now smartphones are evolved to contain the personal information of internet service usage, internet banking, medical information and etc. Therefore the loss of smartphone could be an unimaginable damage for us.

Such a damaged incident is revealed on daily media and the attacks on smartphones have been increased continuously. Hence the self-distrust and anxiety troubles using smartphone itself and accessing to service.

Especially in the financial industry, which is sensitive to credit, they need to more introduce more security methods on electronic smartphone banking and electronic financial transactions and supervise it.

What’s the difference of mobile app security?

Hacker is trying to analyze the app The platform is inherently different from PC environment, and different security measures are required at another point of view. Especially app repackage attacks are frequently occurred and severe, which are done through reverse engineering techniques and impersonate a normal app and sneak private information and do other illegal actions. For that case, we provide suggest a solution; make it impossible to reverse-engineer or make it hard to analyze source code – so called obfuscation technique.
Hacker is smiling holding a forgery app Our solution is a product, which can meet these requirements and cope with the risks that may occur at smartphone. The user experience is more strengthened by more security measures, and the brand value will be heightened. We hope to be a partner with you and add more value on the security of your service.

APP Shields protect mobile app service

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